We can confirm we have complied with the Government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 within Firmitas Ltd.

We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and have shared the results with all employees.

We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance.  Sanitisation stations have been introduced on all sites and at our head office.

All reasonable steps have been taken to help people work safely from a COVID-19 secure workplace or work from home.

Steps have been taken to maintain a 2m distance in the workplace, where people cannot keep 2m apart we have ensured at leas a 1m distance and taken all the mitigating actions possible to reduce the risk of transmission.

Firmitas Ltd Environmental Policy Statement

The following is the policy of Firmitas Ltd with regards to its place within the environment.
Firmitas Ltd and its staff will operate at all times showing due regard to global and local environmental considerations and issues. Firmitas Ltd will therefore conduct itself in such a manner so as to improve the environment or ensure that its operation minimises Firmitas Ltd’s impact there on. Employees will observe policies in force at sites visited in the course of their duties.

The Management and Staff is therefore charged with:

  1. Ensuring that the daily operation of Firmitas Ltd does not constitute a nuisance to others.
  2. Correctly using equipment and facilities provided to ensure the safe and correct handling and disposal of materials and waste products.
  3. The economical use of all resources so as to minimise waste and take advantage of recycling schemes of general advantage to the community and the environment as appropriate.
  4. The containment and safe disposal and/or recycling of chemicals, liquids, solids and gases in accordance with good operating practices.
  5. Ensuring staff involved in the assembly and/or handling of products to be used in a food environment maintain the highest standards of personal and operational tidiness, cleanliness and general health and hygiene so as not to introduce a health or safety hazard to the environment.
  6. Promotion of environmental awareness and general encouragement for staff to raise issues of concern and make recommendations and offer ideas to the Management to improve Firmitas Ltd’s performance.

In addition, field staff will, at all times, observe the environmental policies and instructions issued by competent, recognised authorities when visiting customer sites and premises. If, in the event that such instruction would appear to contradict Firmitas Ltd policy statements, common good sense or create a potential environmental or safety hazard, staff are instructed to refer to the Director or Supervisor for advice before proceeding.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

In accordance with its duty under Section 2(3) of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act, 1974, and in fulfilling its obligations to both employees and the public who may be affected by its activities, Tim Carpenter, Managing Director of Firmitas has produced the following statement of policy in respect of health and safety.

It is our aim to achieve a working environment which is free of work-related accidents and ill­ health and to this end we will pursue continuing improvements from year to year.

We undertake to discharge our statutory duties by:

  • Identifying hazards in our workplaces, assessing the risks related to them and implementing appropriate preventative and protective measures;
  • Providing and maintaining safe work equipment;
  • Establishing and enforcing safe methods of work;
  • Recruiting and appointing personnel who have the skills, abilities and competence commensurate with their role and level of responsibility;
  • Ensuring that tasks given to employees are within their skills, knowledge and ability to perform;
  • Ensuring that technical competence is maintained through the provision of refresher training as appropriate;
  • Promoting awareness of health and safety and of good practice through the effective communications of relevant information;
  • Furnishing sufficient funds needed to meet these objectives.

All employees on their part are encouraged to contribute actively towards achieving a work environment that is free of accidents and ill health.

The main objectives of our Policy are to achieve a zero-accident count by preventing accidents, comply with current legislation, maintain a sound reputation for Health and Safety and fulfil the needs of our training plan.

Our health and safety policy will be reviewed annually to monitor its effectiveness and to ensure that it reflects changing needs and circumstances.

This statement is to be read in conjunction with the responsibilities, arrangements, procedures and guidance that together form Firmitas Health & Safety Manual.

Firmitas Ltd Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

All staff, whatever their working pattern, no matter what their age, gender, sexual orientation or marital status, race, religious beliefs, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, part-time working, responsibility for dependants, trade union membership or trade union activity will have the right to be treated on the same basis in fair competition. Harassment and bullying are not acceptable and will not be tolerated in Firmitas Ltd. The elimination of unfair discrimination and prejudice is intended to provide individuals with scope to develop their full potential and to enable Firmitas Ltd to maximise use of talent.

Firmitas Ltd will:

  1. Adopt a planned approach to eliminating barriers that discriminate against particular groups.
  2. Give clear guidance to employees on the commitment to equal opportunities.
  3. Recognise its legal obligations under the Race Relations Act 1976, the Equal Pay Act 1970, the Sex Discrimination Acts 1975, 1986 and 1999, the Disability Discrimination Act 1999, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, the Human Rights Act October 2000, and the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006.
  4. Continuously monitor and review its selection criteria and procedures to ensure that all employees are selected, promoted and treated solely on the basis of merits and abilities that are appropriate to the position.
  5. Promote personal development for all employees, to support their progress within Firmitas Ltd and, where appropriate, provide specialised facilities, equipment and individual training.
  6. Fulfil its social responsibility towards its employees and the community in which it operates, ensuring that appropriate support is given during times of personal difficulties.

Direct discrimination is defined as:

Treating a person less favourably than others are or would be treated in the same or similar circumstances. This means treating someone less favourably than you would treat others in the same circumstances.

Indirect discrimination:

This occurs when a job requirement or condition is applied equally to all, and has a disproportionate and detrimental effect on one age group, gender or racial group because fewer of that group can comply with it, and the requirement cannot be justified in relation to the job.

When decisions are made about an individual, the only personal characteristics considered will be those that, as well as being consistent with relevant legislation, are necessary to the proper performance of the work involved.


Harassment can be described as inappropriate actions, behaviour, comments or physical contact that is objectionable or causes offence to the recipient. It may be of a sexual or racial nature or it may be directed towards people because of their age, their sexuality, a disability or some other characteristic.

Firmitas Ltd regards discrimination, harassment or bullying, as described above, as gross misconduct, and any employee of Firmitas Ltd who discriminates against any other person will be liable to appropriate action in the Firmitas Ltd disciplinary procedures.

It is the aim of Firmitas Ltd, in its relationships with its employees and in the provision of its services, not to disadvantage any individual by imposing any conditions or requirements that cannot be fully justified. In pursuance of this policy, Firmitas Ltd may take special measures/positive action in favour of any group that is currently underrepresented in its workforce. In this it will take account of the Race Relations Act 1976, the Equal Pay Act 1970, the Sex Discrimination Acts 1975, 1986 and 1999, the Disability Discrimination Act 1999, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, the Human Rights Act October 2000, and the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006.

In pursuance of this policy, Firmitas Ltd reserves the right to discipline any of its employees who practice any form of discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age, gender, ability, race, religion, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status or sexual orientation.

Firmitas Ltd will monitor and evaluate this policy on an ongoing basis and inform the employees of its impact.

Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy

Policy Statement

  1. It is our policy to conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner. We take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate and implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery and corruption.
  2. We will uphold all laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption [in all the jurisdictions in which we operate]. However, we remain bound by UK laws, including the Bribery Act 2010, in respect of our conduct both at home and abroad.

Who must comply with this policy?

This policy applies to all persons working for us or on our behalf in any capacity, including employees at all levels, directors, officers, agency workers, seconded workers, volunteers, interns, agents, contractors, external consultants, third-party representatives and business partners, sponsors, or any other person associated with us, wherever located.

Full policy available upon request.